Aims of the ISGP

The purpose of the association is:

• To promote openly and internationally the advancement, exchange and dissemination of scientific knowledge among researchers and scholars concerned with the biological and physiological effects of gravity (earth gravity, its increase, its decrease) on living organisms. This focus encompasses not only Earth’s gravity but interactions with all environmental conditions (such as isolation or radiation) that might be encountered during spaceflight or space exploration.

• To encourage understanding by the public, as well as students and young scientists, of the physiological roles of gravity and the space environment.

• To identify, assist and work with other non-profit or academic organizations that have an interest in the development of knowledge concerning the effects of gravity and the space environment on living organisms.

History of the ISGP

ISGP was crated in 1979 and was at the beginning joined to the International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS).

In 1991, ISGP became independent.

From 1991 until 2021, ISGP was linked with the Galileo Fundation, California, USA.

In 2021, ISGP moved to a Scientific Association under the French Law “1901”, Angers University, France.